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Hello there and thanks for visiting my short profile, my real name is Jaden but my friends call me Bandit, I am a driveway paver expert currently living in Aylesbury, United Kingdom. My interests are breadmaking, scouting and weightlifting. I grew up in in Bradford and I studied at University of Stirling. I have a sister Tallulah and a brother Rayyan, I've a pet guinea pig called Lizzy. I own a driveway and paving agency and love to help folks with their landscaping

Driveway Specialists Aylesbury - Check out our new website for all your driveway requirements in Aylesbury. We are able to build resin driveways, asphalt driveways, block paving driveways, pattern imprinted driveways, SUDS compliant driveways, tarmac driveways, or whatever you want in Aylesbury. Throughout the United Kingdom region, we can provide high quality driveway repair and installation services. We're renowned for providing all types of patio and driveway project in Aylesbury. If you haven't currently got a driveway, you can contact us to get the driveway you've always dreamed of, or if you've a driveway but it's old and shabby, we can make it look like new again. We can offer advice and guidance on the best solutions to fulfill your individual needs and requirements. We can give a free quote for any kind of driveway, pathway or patio. We can also do landscaping, decking, garden makeovers, garden design and driveway cleaning in Aylesbury.

Tarmac Driveways Aylesbury - If you are in the market for a brand new driveway installation in Aylesbury, you'll discover that there are quite a few alternatives available that should suit your needs. In this paragraph we're going to explore the different tarmac materials together with their benefits and disadvantages so as to aid you in making your choice. Tarmac in it's simplest form (also referred to as asphalt), can be utilised for driveway resurfacing. This is a very forgiving surface and still allows for water runoff and drainage on account of the course gravel within it. This form of tarmac surface will frequently last something like 20-30 years. Tarmac is generally regarded as the most affordable strategy for creating a hard surface. But it's a time-consuming activity which requires specialist machinery, tools and, not least, knowledge. But it's only the cheapest method when the driveway is of a substantial size, where the economies of scale kick in. Therefore, tarmac isn't a project that can in any way be thought of as a DIY activity, except in cases where you have friends or relatives in the driveway trade who are willing to help you out, especially with the tarmac equipment. If you're going to chat with driveway contractors, you need to be aware that tarmac is more correctly called bitmac.

Resin-Bound Driveways Aylesbury - Despite the fact that you can have driveways made from many different materials, an extremely popular choice nowadays is the resin-bound option. If you would like your driveway to integrate with your home's design, and to fully blend in with the exterior of your property, a resin surface could well be the answer you have been looking for. By individualising the colour and texture of your material, you'll be able to guarantee the colour of your driveway creates the look you are trying to create for your external space. The hard-wearing and tough surface that is created by the resin-bound process is low maintenance, and has a warm, stone appearance that looks more "high end" than it actually is.

Gravel Driveways Aylesbury - Because gravel driveways are generally accepted as the cheapest choice of all, if you happen to be working to a strict budget then a gravel driveway might be the ideal solution for you. The typical price of a gravel driveway in Aylesbury is around sixty pounds per M2, which means that a 4m x 8m driveway will cost roughly £1920, which I am certain you'll concur is fairly reasonable. If maintained properly, despite this low cost, a gravel driveway can still last for many years. Laying some kind of membrane layer (underlay) underneath the gravel is crucial if you are to prevent pesky weeds from constantly poking through and creating problems. Various styles of driveway are possible by using any of the a number of different gravel colours that can be bought. Some of the advantages of gravel driveways are: they look natural, they're easy to lay, they look awesome, with the proper membrane they're permeable and they are inexpensive.

Aylesbury Driveways in Concrete - For a number of years concrete has been a favourite material for building patios and driveways, and the reasons for this are many. Concrete slabs are remarkably strong and hard-wearing, and by and large they require hardly any maintenance. Price is also a factor, and concrete is relatively great value for substantial expanses of paving, when you bear in mind its combined life expectancy and strength. As the surface of a driveway, concrete is normally more costly than tarmac, asphalt or gravel, and although it is less costly than paving slabs, block paving or stone, concrete typically outperforms all of these driveway materials. Concrete can be imprinted and coloured to create a unique and distinctive surface, if you feel that basic concrete is just too boring and lacklustre.

Block Paving Driveways and Patios - Block paving is an outstanding option for walkways, patios, driveways and paving, given that it's semi-porous, non-slip, hard wearing, flexible, and needs little maintenance and upkeep. A major benefit to bear in mind with block paving over some other potential driveway materials is that specific individual pavers can be redone should an area become damaged or discoloured. You can even add value to your home by installing a block paving driveway on your premises, and you will certainly raise its visual appeal, which is beneficial if you want to sell your house anytime soon.

If your current driveway in Aylesbury has become a bit scruffy and you would like a new one, or if you do not at present have a driveway and would like to have one laid so that you have somewhere safe to park your family car, you would be best off making contact with a local driveway contractor to come and do the job on your behalf.

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